Domain Domes as Homes, Accommodation and Living Spaces

The Domain Dome is a versatile, affordable housing and living system. It can be used as a stand-alone living space in urban and rural areas, a sole accommodation unit or bedroom or a house extension and spare room.

Users have set up their domes as personal living spaces in back gardens and rural properties and families have extended their houses quickly and cost-efficiently to make more space for people and other needs.

Domain Domes for Emergencies & Disaster Response

The Domain Dome is well suited to disaster response providing rapid shelter for those in need and those providing relief services and support. It can be set up within hours requiring no special skills or tools. It can provide instant shelter, accommodation and a versatile space for co-ordinating local operations, logistics, medical clinics, field hospitals, communications housing and any other application requiring a secure, practical space.

For the victims of disaster, the domes can provide secure housing and shelter protecting families and their remaining possessions from weather and other challenges in a way tents cant, in particular for long periods of recovery.

Domain Domes can also be environmentally sealed and with a closed loop atmosphere and HEPA filtration unit they can be placed at airports and other locations as an isolation or quarantine solution. They do not dampen or mould and protect against falling rocks, hazards and fire.

Domain Domes for Tourism, Education & Research

Tourism operators including caravan parks, resorts, camp-ground & backpackers can now expand their guest accommodation facilities, infrastructure and outbuildings almost overnight and for a fraction of the cost of alternative options.

Domes have been used within alpine ski resorts, camps, van parks and on island resorts. They are also an excellent solution for student housing, research centres and a variety of education facilities.

Domain Domes for Homeless Shelters, Crisis Accommodation & Transitional Housing

Domain Domes have been used in various parts of the world as a highly cost-effective, versatile and practical shelter and crisis accommodation solution for disadvantaged citizens and the homeless community.

As they can be set up in a non-permanent manner, it provides flexibility for site managers. One example is the Genesis Dome Village Project in downtown Los Angeles which was established as a cluster of transitional housing and community kitchen gardens for the homeless community.

It provided vocational training and support for temporary residents whom were able to eventually move out to reclaim their own housing and independence elsewhere.

Domain Domes for Military

Over the years, the domes have been used by various military departments for a wide range of applications taking advantage of their  durability, ease of assembly and portability. This includes the US Navy whom have used them as portable command & communication centres,  troop housing,  storage and radio/communications housing.

The Indian Army are setting up the domes for a new camp in a remote alpine mountain area. Militaries can utilise the domes in a range of ways including accommodation, offices, command centres,  base camps, medical units, munitions storage and portable facilities.

Domain Domes for Exploration, Mining & Field Work

The Domain Dome provides a practical solution for mining, energy and exploration companies requiring shelter and housing in various locations and cane be set up in virtually any climate or terrain within hours requiring no skilled labour or tools. Remote field camps can be quickly delivered, rapidly set up and easily removed and stored for ongoing, repeated use.

Domain Domes for Communication & Co-ordination

Domain Domes  can house and protect sensitive electronic equipment from climactic extremes while providing comfortable living space for skilled crews. Energy companies have used the domes for command centers from which they co-ordinate emergency responses to oil spills and refinery explosions.

U.S and international aid organisations use the domes to establish portable command centers from which to respond to natural and man-made disasters. Near the front lines of massive forest fires where durability and portability are primary concerns, the U.S. Forest Service shelters its fire fighters and command personnel in the domes.

Domain Domes for Marketing & Promotion

Domain Domes are ideally suited to marketing and promotions providing a unique, attractive and event friendly people space. Logos, images and painted designs can all be added to the dome which can be relocated to each location as required and used for a variety of marketing and promotional purposes.


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