Portability and Transportation

One of the biggest advantages of Domain Domes is that they are frameless structures. As a result,they can be compactly crated into standard-sized shipping containers.

This provides the option of shipping numerous units via air, sea, rail or road to anywhere in the world. This includes remote areas and challenging terrain. Single units are easily assembled and relocated if required, transported with utes and small trucks.

Energy efficiency

Domain Domes are an energy efficient structure. This is because a dome uses the least amount of surface area to contain a given air space. As a result, heating and cooling costs are significantly less than those of comparably sized structures. The panels themselves are manufactured using a post-industrial, recycled composite fiberglass which reduces water & energy consumption associated with using raw materials.

Wind and Weather

The enclosures are resistant to severe wind and weather conditions including cyclones. Like all dome structures,  the wind literally flows around them unlike the pressure that applies to flat surfaces. Rain & snow fall without collecting on the surface. The gel coating on the panels adds to the durability, protecting the panels from sun, snow, rain and extreme temperatures. UV resistant paint, exterior insulation foam, renders and texture coats can all be applied to the panels adding to their style, colour and durability.


All domes can be interconnected to expand facilities and applications. Each dome has separate connection points. As a result, the user can create a “complex” tailored to his or her needs limited only by the number of units required and the boundaries of the building site chosen. Clusters of domes that include kitchens, ablutions, storage and self-contained living areas have been utilised for various needs by users.


Another advantage of this product is its compact containerisation. This allows the customer to store the units in a very small area during periods of non-use.


As ordered, standard sized doors and windows are supplied for ease of installation, repairs and replacement. Extra windows, doors, door moulds and full length lattice windows are all available as custom options. Multiple unit orders can be supplied in a chosen colour. Custom-made models to meet specifications provided by the customer can also be negotiated with variations.


One of the more unique features of these shelter systems is the variety of ways in which they can be utilised. As an example, a council may purchase a number of the domes to provide temporary shelter for the homeless community. Years later when that need has been satisfied, they can then use the same structures for equipment storage, special events, park shelters, toilet blocks, bus shelters, etc.

Ease of assembly

All parts and assembly can be managed by three people requiring only simple tools for assembly (wrench, screwdriver and stepladder) eliminating the need for costly construction crews. Each unit can be constructed within three five hours on any appropriate pre-prepared flat surface or foundation.


All models are rustproof, rainproof and provide excellent shelter from all natural elements. They can even be stored outside, underwater or in high humidity conditions. Maintenance is simply a matter of washing with soap and water.


Electrical supply may be provided from an external mains power source or a renewable energy system, potentially using flexible solar panels or wind turbine attached or located nearby.

Water and Plumbing

Water may be supplied from town supplies, on-site tanks or other sources. Flush, chemical or compost toilets could all be installed.

Heating & Cooling

The panels themselves have some minor insulative properties. Heating can be supplied from an external source or with small heating units located in each dome. Cooling, like conventional dwellings and shelters is best achieved with the use of ventilation,hot air-extractors, fans and air-conditioning. Various insulation materials can be used including foam spray insulation applied to the interior or exterior.


Each dome can be painted and it can be best to paint after installation to reduce the risk of scratches during assembly. Virtually any colour is possible via UV resistant, exterior, weather resistant paints and texture coats.

Internal Walls

The interior side of the panels can be painted any colour or have a render or texture coat applied. Insulation materials or foam spray may be required and the use of fabrics, internal walls, wires and other concepts can all be considered and applied by a dome user. Electrical wiring and plumbing can all be installed easily and holes can be made in the panels and sealed up where required.


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